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The Universal Pedestal (mini pole) is designed to house and protect optical terminals and other F.O. networking components that fit within the confines of the pedestal’s physical size, shape, and configuration. The installer may therefore choose from a wide variety of components when designing and installing a F.O. network. The pedestal is engineered with cutting-edge technology, making it compatible with upcoming advancements to ensure you are always future-ready. With a compact and space-saving design, the Fiber Optic Pedestal ensures efficient use of valuable real estate, making it an ideal choice for compact urban installations. Built to withstand the elements, our pedestal features a durable, weather and rodent-resistant design, providing long-lasting performance in any climate or terrain. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the Universal Enclosure significantly reduces setup time and costs. Get your network up and running quickly without compromising on quality. Whether you’re setting up a small network or expanding an enterprise-level infrastructure, our pedestal offers scalability to accommodate your needs as your network grows.

Universal Fiber Optic Pedestal

  • Features

    • Flanged base prevents tipping and does not require staking to your installation.

    • User-friendly base and dome with guide studs for easy placement and
    sealing in the field.

    • Universal support (stake).

    • Ample internal space to comply with bending radii of fiber optic cables.

    • Plate for traditional optical terminals.

    • Easy access lock plate using the MK-216 key.

    • Robust – meets the IK-10 standard.

    • Meets IP65 standard.

    • UV resistant.

    • 9/16” security screw.

    • Stainless steel security TORX screws.

    • Corrosion-resistant metal components.

    • Manufactured from glass-reinforced polypropylene.


    • Pedestal


    22-inches (558.80mm) long
    11.7-inches (297.18mm) diameter

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