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Unleash the speed of light and invest in a closure that stands the test of time. Crafted with premium materials and expert engineering, the Tomahawk Fiber Optic Closure is a reliable companion for the long haul.

Designed to protect up to 6 optical fiber splices in a FTTx environment, the Tomahawk can be used as a stand alone closure or for repairs in aerial or intermediate networks. Entry and exit ports can accept flexible flat or round cables from 5mm to 8mm in diameter. Designed with longevity in mind the Tomahawk Mini is resistant to all environmental conditions, including moisture, UV light, water ingress and rodent attack. Each unit is supplied with an internal mechanical sheath retention system capable of securing cables inside the closure and protecting them from damage and pull-out.      

Our Fiber Optic Closure is designed for easy installation. Install it and forget it – it’s that simple. Spend less time worrying about your OSP network and more time employing top-notch connectivity. The future is now, and it’s fiber-powered. Get our Fiber Optic Closure and revolutionize the way you connect. Your blazing-fast network awaits.

Tomahawk Fiber Optic Closure

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Features

    • Available in two models – 1 in/out and 2 in/out.

    • Will house and protect up to 6 SC adapters
    or 12 fusion fiber optic splices.

    • Will accept from 3mm to 8mm diameter cables.

    • Silicone gaskets guarantee excellent sheath
    retention in a sealed environment.

    • May be used for repairs in aerial applications.

    • Plastic hubs provide excellent cable sheath retention.

    • Metallic Screw-down Sheath Retention.

    • External sheath retention clamps available.

    • No additional components are required for
    suspension on aerial cables or poles.

    • Manufactured from materials that comply
    with RoHS standards.

    • Meets IP-68 standards.

    • No special tools are required for assembly.


    • Aerial Strand Mount - Mid-Span

    • Direct Buried

    • Underground

    • Wall Mount

    • Pedestal

    • Handholes

    Internal Dimensions

    • 10.8-inches (274.3mm) length

    • 1.89-inches (48.0mm) width

    • 1.110-inches (28.194mm) height


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