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EachTOM-III unit includes two entry ports for a fiber optic cable up to 20mm in diameter and 8 distribution ports for drop cables fed by a 1 x 8 splitter. Suitable for wall or pole mount installations, each unit is equipped with 8 downspouts utilizing silicone gaskets to protect against the environment. With a compact and space-saving design, the TOM-III ensures efficient use of valuable real estate, making it an ideal choice for compact urban installations. Built to withstand the elements, the closure features a durable, weather and rodent-resistant design, providing long-lasting performance in any climate or terrain. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the TOM-III significantly reduces setup time and costs. Get your network up and running quickly without compromising on quality. Whether you’re setting up a small network, expanding an enterprise-level infrastructure or building a fiber optic backbond, our closures offer scalability to accommodate your needs as your network grows.

Multi-Service Optical Terminal (TOM-III)

  • Features

    • Equipped with 1x8 splitter for SC UPC/SC APC connectors.

    • Allows the entrance or exit of two main cables up to 20mm in diameter.

    • Includes splice tray that allows up to 12 fiber optic splices.

    • Additional space may be used for storing unused or excess fiber optic cable.

    • Molded from UV-resistant plastic.

    • May be wall or pole mounted.

    • No special tools are required for installation.

    • All metal components are made from corrosion-resistant metals.

    • Fire-retardant


    • Wall Mount

    • Pole Mount

    • All Interior Applications

    External Dimensions

    • 10.3-inches (264mm) height x 9.2-inchs (232mm) width x 3.9-inches (78mm) height.


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