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In the field of telecommunications and networking, “demarcation” represents the point at which a service provider’s responsibility for a communication circuit ends, and the customer’s responsibility begins. It is often referred to as the “demarcation point” or “demarc point” and is typically located at the point where the service provider’s network terminates and connects to the customer’s premises. With a compact and space-saving design, the Fiber Transition Box ensures efficient use of valuable real estate, making it an ideal choice for both compact urban installations. Built to withstand the elements, the box features a durable, weather and rodent-resistant design, providing long-lasting performance in any climate or terrain. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the FTB significantly reduces setup time and costs. Get your network up and running quickly without compromising on quality. Whether you’re setting up a small network or expanding an enterprise-level infrastructure, our closures offer scalability to accommodate your needs as your network grows.

FireFly-FTB Fiber Transition Box

  • Features

    • Weather and UV-resistant thermoplastic design.

    • Compliant with IP65.

    • Self-latching, hinged cover design allows easy access without loose parts.

    • Self-sealing individual entrance ports prevent water ingress.

    • Equipped with single SC/APC or SC/UPC adapters.

    • Additional space may be used for storing unused cables.

    • May be wall or pole mounted.

    • No special tools are required for installation.

    • No metal components.


    • Pole Mount

    • Wall Mount

    External Dimensions

    8” (203 mm) length x 7” (178 mm) width x 3” (76 mm) height


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