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The WPT FireFly-D2000LX-TD is molded from high-impact-resistant plastic which is also U.V. resistant and immune to temperature extremes. The closure is highly versatile, with a range of cable entry and exit port diameters and configurations to accommodate all FTTx environments. Up to 144 fiber optic splices may be housed and protected by FireFly dome closure. The six-hinged low profile splice trays may be folded down to expose each splice tray individually during splicing or when re-entering the closure for maintenance. Adhering to the IP68 standard, the FireFly closure is completely dust-tight and can be immersed in water continuously under specific conditions without any negative impact on its functionality or performance.

FireFly-D2000LX-TD Dome Closure

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Features

    • Available in 2 dome closure lengths (16.5” & 20.0”).

    • Up to 6 low profile splice trays of 24 splices/tray (144 F.O. splices) with the option for 18 splices and two splitters per tray.

    • Base allows the entry of 2 main cables (up to 24-mm dia.) and up to 5 drop cables (up to 14-mm dia.) and 1 port (16mm).

    • Multiport grommets available (2 and 3 ports).

    • One additional branch port (up to 24mm dia.)

    • Allows ribbon or single fusion splicing.

    • May be used for butt/branch splicing configurations.

    • Meets all physical and mechanical specifications for Telcordia GR-771-CORE

    • Meets IP68 standard.

    • Tested temperature ranges from -40F to +140F.

    • Available with snap or swivel screw clamp designs for quick
    and easy opening and closing of dome.

    • May be re-entered.

    • Corrosion-resistant metal components.

    • Cable sheath retention clamps.

    • Cable strength member retention.

    • Cable shield continuity #6 strap.

    • Air valve for testing seal integrity.

    • Reusable



    • Aerial

    • Underground

    • Wall Mount

    • Pedestal

    • Handholes


    Internal Dimensions

    • 7.0-inch I.D. (178mm) x 16.5” (419mm) long.

    • 7.0-inch I.D. (178mm) x 20.0” (508mm) long.

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