Derivador Dropwire Connector

A multi-purpose drop wire connector that may be used for both in-line (straight) and half-tap splice configurations.


• IDC type contacts - minimum bare wire exposure.

• Tough UV resistant plastic housing.

• Resists breakage, will not damage upon impact.

• Gex-X encapsulant totally self-seals connectors from moisture.

• No hazardous chemicals or precautions in handling.

• Wide termperature range performance (-40F to +250F).

• No special tools required for installation.

• Small overall size.

• Clean, non-toxic.


• For straight or half-tap splicing.

• For "C" and "F" aerial drop wire.


• For 19 to 19.5 AWG copper clad steel conductors.

The multi-purpose Derivador Drop Wire Connector may be used for either straight or half-tap (branch) splicing of 19 to 19.5 AWG copper clad steel conductors. IDC type contacts automatically align and strip the conductors for a minimum of bare metal exposure while Gel-X totally surrounds the splice for excellent protection against moisture exposure. A tough, VU resistant plastic housing provides years of protection for drop wire splices in all applications.